Hedging contract data vital as oil price struggles

For the first time since 2009, global oil demand is expected to fall year-on-year, says a new report from the International Energy Agency.

The IEA’s base case forecast sees demand drop 1.1 mb/d for 2020, due to the massive hit from coronavirus on transport and global economic activity. 

Our team at Evaluate Energy, in London, is analysing the hedging contracts of publicly-traded oil producers. This includes hedged production, hedging prices per contract, contract types, contract dates and the benchmarking index. This data is vital for industry analysts and executives at a time of such low prices (Brent crude was trading at $26/barrel earlier today).

For more hedging information, please visit: https://bit.ly/2UDER0Z. The Evaluate team can provide free demos of the hedging data and reports. 

View the new IEA report highlights here: https://bit.ly/2QMCzvg

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