Executives deliver fresh analysis of global oil demand

A fresh analysis of future oil demand has been delivered by Glacier senior managers to audiences globally and in Canada.

Analysts with Evaluate Energy and the Daily Oil Bulletin co-created a Covid-19 demand forecast, taking into account a range of evolving political, social and economic factors.

Further details are available here:

This content has been shared via a series of articles and social media – and this week via a radio interview and webinar.

Bemal Mehta, Chief Operating Officer at Evaluate Energy, and Senior Vice-President, Energy Intelligence, at Glacier RIG Ltd., provided an extensive interview with Danielle Smith on her Global News show (770 CHQR).

For the full interview, visit: https://globalnews.ca/national/program/danielle-smith/

Also this week, Bemal and Chris Wilson, Managing Director of Evaluate Energy, delivered a webinar focused on the oil demand forecast. It was geared to audiences in Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia.

For more details on Evaluate Energy, visit: www.evaluateenergy.com.

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